How Acne Treatment Can Help You Improve Your Face

The skin in our body has small holes called pores. These pores are present all over our body and are connected to the oil glands that are present under the skin. These oil glands produce oil called sebum.

The follicle act as a bridge between the glands and the skin that connects both of them. These follicles are the reason why we have hair all through our body. Inside the follicle, the oil carries the dead cells that cause the hair to grow out of it.

When there is a disorder that makes the hair, sebum and skin cells to come close to each other, or heaped up and acne grows out of it. This disorder is caused by bacteria that make the skin around that area to swell. It is called as acne or a pimple.

If you are facing acne skin problems, it is always advisable to consult skin expert instead of seeking advice from your friends, colleagues or relatives. A skincare expert can prescribe effective prescriptions, treatments, procedures or preventions for your own benefit.

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In India, there are many skin specialists who are experts in acne treatments. India has a strong medical foundation and medical services offices in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. If we talk about Delhi then you can see the best skin specialist in Rajouri Garden, Gurgaon, Noida, and other areas.

It has been observed that people living in Rajouri Gardenusually suffer from a lot of skin issues arising due to its harsh climate.

According to the dermatologist in Rajouri Garden, people have become a lot more conscious about their looks and do not think twice before visiting the skin clinic in Rajouri Garden.

Usually, pimples grow on the face, neck, and shoulders. Even though acne is not dangerous, they irritate us by leaving ugly-looking scars on the visible parts of our body. Anyone, who is between 10-30 years can get an acne outbreak at any time. There are different types and colors.

  • Whiteheads: They appear white and will be just under the skin.
  • Blackheads: They are black in color and appear on the surface of the skin.
  • Papules: They are pink bumps.
  • Cysts: They are large and painful. When they erupt, puss will ooze out from them.


Best Treatment for Acne / How to Remove Acne

here are mainly two types of treatments for pimples. One you can swallow oral pills or apply some ointments on the surface of your skin. Either of these two ways cannot only treat but also prevent future acne formation.

The acne can be treated depending on the severity of stage. There is mild acne, moderate and severe that requires different kinds of treatments. It is better to get it treated by a doctor who prescribes effective medicines to destroy strong bacteria and to prevent the growth of drug-resistant bacteria on these pores.

He may prescribe some lotions you can apply for the blemishes, or gels that help you to kill the microbes and gives you a clear and glowing skin.  This is the usual treatment for mild acne.

If you have moderate blemishes, you will have to put in extra efforts to get rid of them. Use dove soap or any other soap with moisturizers to repair your broken skin. Regularly apply Benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid on the affected areas after cleansing your skin with moisturizing soap. This will help you repair the damaged skin.

When you find no change in the results, consult a dermatologist who will prescribe strong lotions that will treat the acne perfectly. This will clear up the blocked pores and reduces your woes and worries because of your dull-looking skin.

These medicines will now allow a free passage of oxygen through these pores that check the bacteria growth along these pores.

Now that we have talked about the treatment for mild to moderate acne, what about the treatment of severe acne? You should consult a healthcare professional who will combine several therapies and prescribe strong pills to treat blemishes.

This will prevent acne from leaving unattractive scars on your body.

Reasons for acne eruption:

According to the doctors, there are various reasons for an acne outbreak. If you wear a lot of oil makeup you will get acne. Hormonal imbalance may be one of the reasons for acne on your face. Sometimes, intake of particular medicines can cause acne to appear on your face. If your mother or father has acne, it may another strong reason that can be a cause of acne on your face.

Did your friend tell you that if you have greasy skin or eat lots of oily food, you will get pimples you have on your face? No, not even chocolates are one of the reasons for your pimples. But, you should be careful not to touch or prick these blemishes, as it causes a deep scar on your body. Even pollution or stress can cause pimples.

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