Korean Drama Review Heartstrings

The Korean drama entitled “Heartstrings” is a Korean drama that has aired on a Korean television station, MBC, in 2011 with a total of 15 episodes. Now a little story, Heartstrings itself is the first Korean drama that Ficha has watched, until finally he really likes watching Korean dramas, even dramas other than Korea such as China and Thailand. So it can be said that Heartstrings has its own impression on Ficha’s heart, even though the drama Heartstrings is not as popular as other Korean dramas. According to Ficha, this drama is really recommended to watch, especially for those of you who like dramas with musical genres in lk21 duniafilm21, it’s really fitting and mandatory to watch this drama Heartstrings.

The drama, starring Park Sin Hye with one of the members of the CNBLUE Band, Jung Yong Hwa as the main character. When talking about Park Sin Hye who just got married in January and is pregnant with Choi Tae Joon, Sad Boy in Real life which used to have a happy ending is not only Lee Min Ho in The Heirs drama, Lee Jong Suk in Pinochio drama , Jang Geun Suk in the drama You’re Beautiful, but also Jung Yong Hwa in the drama Heartstrings. And actually there are many more Park Sin Hye couples in the drama. But even though Park Sin Hye is currently married, watching Heartstrings again is still really good. Oh yes, besides starring Park Sin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa, this drama also stars other personnel from CNBLUE, namely Kang Min Hyuk, and other popular actors such as Song Chang Eui, So Yi Hyun, Moon Ga Young, Kim Yoon Hye, and many more.

For the synopsis of Heartstrings itself, it tells about a student majoring in Traditional music, namely Lee Kyu Won, played by Park Sin Hye, he is a Gayageum player and the grandson of a famous Pansori. Lee Kyu Won also has his own music group called Windflowers, where he and his group friends are holding a charity event for their professor’s recovery by inviting the most popular band on campus, The Stupid. From there, Lee Kyu Won began to get to know and get to know Lee Shin, Vocalist and Guitarist in the band The Stupid, also Lee Shin is the most popular member of The Stupid and has many fans. Actually, Lee Kyu Won and Lee Shin’s first meeting was when Lee Kyu Won was about to get on the bus with a suitcase in hand, there Lee Shin came to help lift the suitcase, they also accidentally met on the beach of Jeju Island, but at that time they both had not seen each other. know.

The first impression of Lee Kyu Won’s meeting with Lee Shin was very bad, coupled with the problem of Lee Shin not coming to the charity event and making the audience very angry and disappointed. From there began the bet between the Windflowers and The Stupid, where those who lost had to become a maid who won for 1 full month. Due to a broken string accident, Lee Kyu Won lost the bet and had to become Lee Shin’s maid. On the other hand, Lee Shin likes a dance professor at his college, he tries to catch up and always watches the professor practice at night, but he is repeatedly rejected. Due to their 100th campus celebration performance in the form of Musical Drama, Lee Kyu Won suddenly surprised many people because he was the one who caught the attention of the 100th show director, even director Kim Suk Hyun was always by Lee Kyu Won’s side and was the first to admit and realize Lee Kyu Won’s talent to become the main character, where previously Lee Kyu Won himself had never seriously sung including his non-existent dance skills. There, Lee Kyu Won also tried the challenge of participating in a musical with Lee Shin and the support of Director Kim Suk Hyun.

But when it comes to advantages, there must be disadvantages, because in this world nothing is perfect. For the lack of drama Heartstrings according to ficha, what is very unfortunate is the process where Lee Shin began to be moved and touched by Lee Kyu Won’s sincere feelings including Lee Shin’s love confession until they finally met here feels very lacking. Even the process of confession of love did not hit the slightest, in which there were no words of Lee Shin that directly said that he liked Lee Kyu Won. Also for the process leading to the ending which seemed to be too fast, not showing in detail Lee Kyu Won’s success after becoming a popular actress and returning from abroad, including the show that showed Lee Kyu Won really as the main character standing on the stage, the reverse process between Lee Shin and Lee Kyu Won after splitting up, also the ending which closed only with the musical performance of The Stupid with Lee Kyu Won, there is no more romantic scene between the two according to this ficha, it’s really unfortunate. But so far, the Heartstrings drama is still the best and has a deep impression on Ficha, and it’s definitely a must for you to watch.

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