Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth in Pregnancy

During pregnancy the teeth become yellowish. Which can remain permanent even after pregnancy. In such a way, the teeth should be well cared during pregnancy. Diseases and gums change in pregnancy.

Many times the tooth becomes yellowish-brown. Maintaining the health of the mother in pregnancy is extremely important and also to take care of physical health. While brushing the teeth, slowly brush should be done daily with a light brush. Let’s learn how to prevent dental discoloration during pregnancy.

Yellowing of Teeth

Tooth problems can occur at any age but in the pregnancy, there are usually teeth problems. Taking the right care of teeth can cause teeth to break fast or may cause pain in the teeth.

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Long-term pallor and breath odor in the tooth in the teeth is a problem that reduces your self-confidence and protects you from being social, in order to avoid this problem during pregnancy, with adequate balanced diet Calcium should be taken in quantity.

Not only pregnant women, but pregnant women also may have problems of tooth decay in the future due to negligence.

When the baby’s body begins to grow in the uterus, the child first takes calcium from the mother’s body. Due to this there is a sudden lack of calcium in the mother’s body. Its effect is usually seen on the teeth. Due to this, the mother’s gums are damaged along with teeth.

Many times the upper layer of the tooth (enamel) also gets damaged and the tooth can also form a hole. The change in teeth during pregnancy may also be due to calcium deficiency and changes in hormones.

Due to the development of gums and teeth pain during pregnancy, there is also the problem of tooth decay, and the reason for this problem is usually to eat sweet food.

In order to protect teeth from bacteria infections, properly cleaned teeth should be rinse after eating and after eating.

To keep the teeth right during pregnancy, it should eat only fully cooked food, because the vegetables are cooked properly and its bacteria are eliminated and they do not reach the intestines.

Massage the gums to protect teeth from discoloration. The mouth should be washed once with the water of alum.

In pregnancy, calcium-rich food should be used in maximum quantities and consulted with a dentist’s doctor.

Neem, acacia, kikar etc. can also be donated to protect the teeth and to avoid yellowing. Or the fine powder of mango leaves also helps to clean the teeth.

If you have fluoride, you can use any type of good paste for teeth. Fluoride pills should not be used without the advice of the doctor.

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