Foods That Should Not Be Given To Newborn Babies

As a baby grows, he’ll be eager to taste food from your plate and will look into your plate again and again and as a parent, you’ll be eager to introduce some Different kinds of Food to his diet, so that he gets all the vitamins and minerals.

But not all foods are safe for your child. Baby has an Under Developed Digestive and Immune System and hence there is some kind of Foods that we as parents need to avoid feeding him.

Foods to Avoid: Birth to 4 to 6 Months
All Food Items and Eatables except breast milk
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Suggests feeding your baby only breast milk or formula for the first four to six months.

Foods to Avoid: 4 to 12 Months


Honey can harbor spores of Colostrum botulinum, which causes botulism. An adult’s intestinal organ is equipped in preventing the growth of these spores, but in a baby, these spores can grow and produce life-threatening toxins.

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Feed only breast milk for the First Six Months At least or formula to your Future star. Why?

The reason is that Your baby has an underdeveloped Digestive System and hence can’t digest the proteins in cow’s milk and soy milk during her first year, and this milk contains minerals in amounts that can damage his or her kidneys.


There are two reasons for not feeding your baby with Peanut Butter in the First Year. The first Reason is the Danger of Choking. Peanut Butter may Choke her Food Pipes.

The second reason is that Peanut Butter can Cause Allergies to your Baby in the First Year, so better avoid it.


Cooked and pureed (or even offered raw), some common vegetables such as beets, spinach, fennel, collard greens, and lettuce contain levels of nitrates too high for your baby to process.

Babies under a year old don’t have strong enough stomach acids to break down the nitrates, which block the blood’s ability to transport oxygen.

This can lead to dangerously low levels of oxygen, known as Blue Baby Syndrome. You probably weren’t going to serve your little one a salad, but also skip the sauteed leafy greens too.

Stick to cooked squashes, sweet potatoes, peas, and other high-vitamin, low-nitrate veggies.

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